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"We love to weld and it shows!"

Custom Metal Fabrication

If you’re looking for mass production of custom parts, metallic furniture, framing, fixtures or even a single pair of heavy-duty steel table legs, you landed on the right website.

Weldworx is not only a full metal shop but also a lighting specialist. Our very large and bright facility is ideal to experiment with new ideas to help bring your new project to life.

With years of experience in metal fabrication working with many types of metals ranging from mild steel to aluminum and even gold and silver, delivering quality products to our customer is our greatest asset.

Welding Services

Welding new parts together or repairing an old, rusted garden table, any repair or welding job is welcome.

For most delicate welding jobs on thin materials and most aluminum and titanium parts, we use a TIG welding process. For most heavy parts with thick gauge metals we use MIG or a stick welding process to ensure maximum penetration to the base metal we are welding.

Metals We Weld

Prep, Paint & Finishing

Meticulous preparation work goes into every piece we weld before painting and finishing. We can offer every type of finishing, from sand blasting, rust protection, powder coating, spray paint or high polished chrome finishing.

We offer turnkey solutions for mass production like custom packaging, transport and even labeling. We have a large facility with in house transport and logistics services which makes us a one stop shop from production to shipping.

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